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With the help of Mafunyane camp in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, we are capable of conducting pro-active counter-poaching missions with the helicopter. Mafunyane is sponsoring helicopter flying time that is being utilized to conduct patrol flights over high risk areas and during high risk times.



We fully support the de-horning of our rhinos.

We feel that the more we can do to increase the risk and lower the reward for poachers, the better the chances of saving our rhinos.

Due to the vast experience of the teams involved this process is quick and efficient with minimum amount of flying time and stress on the rhinos


We work closely with specialist wildlife veterinarians such as Provet Wildlife Services ( and Lowveld Wildlife Consulting Services (

Get Involved

By sponsoring one of our helicopter operations, you will get a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to join the ground crew and fully participate in the operation.

Africa’s wildlife is faced with many tragedies. Traumatized little orphaned rhino calves needing to be searched for, rescued and relocated to care facilities. Elephants walking around with horrific snares, rhinos with agonizing gunshot wounds and numerous other animals in distress. The most effective way to deliver medical assistance is with the use of a helicopter. Your invaluable support will help us to save these magnificent animals. We also participate in wildlife management such as collaring, tagging and de-horning rhinos for research, protection and conservation. Please help us make a difference by donating flying time towards the projects mentioned above. We need your support as every minute counts. For more information contact us via email:



Experience through years of working with Wildlife

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What We Do:

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation is the main function of HFW.

We are always willing to assist no matter what day of the week or time of the day. Nothing surpasses the feeling of being successful in a mission to rescue an orphaned rhino calf, relieving the agony of an animal with the burden of a cruel snare or fitting a collar to an elephant or rhino for research and protection purposes.

We are faced with many cases of rhino with gunshot wounds that need treatment. Together with experienced, passionate wildlife veterinarians, teams on the ground and support from the outside we are able to make a difference.

Game capture

Our pilot has a very unique skill set in terms of thousands of hours flying experience and an in-depth knowledge of animal behavior. We specialize in many types of game work;


  • Chemical immobilization through darting from the helicopter in conjunction with qualified veterinarians.
  • Mass capture; a technique used where animal herds are driven into a temporary capture boma for relocation purposes.
  • Net boma capture; single or small groups of animals are driven into concealed nets where they are detained by a specialized ground team. Typical species would be smaller antelope like Nyala, Bushbuck and Reedbuck.


The terrain and animal specie determines the capture method. Wildlife capture is a management tool and usually needs to be implemented when animal numbers need to be decreased due to a lack of food, darting to treat wounds or for relocation purposes etc.

Game counts

Through many hours of counting game from the helicopter, we have developed an effective method and data capturing system. Game counts should be done on a regular basis to determine animal numbers, sex ratios and species composition which enable reserves to develop and adapt their management programs.

Problem causing animal management

Whether it’s an elephant causing damage to infrastructure in a residential area, wounded buffalo dangerously close to a staff pathway at a lodge or lions that have broken out of a reserve, we are ready to assist.

Safe transport of valuable items

We live in dangerous unpredictable times. The safest way to transport your valuable items is by air. The big advantage of the helicopter is that we don’t need a runway to take off or land! We can collect at your doorstep.

Aerial photography

We are happy to assist

Transfers and charters

Wherever you want to be picked up and wherever you want to go, we can assist. Call us for your tailor made quotation.

Blyde Canyon scenic flights

Come and join us for an unforgettable flight over the Blyde River Canyon. We can pick you up at your location or meet us at Hoedspruit Civil Airfield.

After lifting off with the helicopter, our experienced pilot and fully qualified FGASA trails guide will take you on an exhilarating journey from the Lowveld bush to one of the largest canyons on earth! The Blyde River Canyon may be the largest “green canyon” due to its lush subtropical vegetation. It also has some of the deepest impetuous cliffs of any canyon on our planet. On route to the canyon you get to swoop over majestic wilderness areas which provides the opportunity to spot numerous game species, including the big five from the air. The helicopter enters the spectacular canyon over the Blyde dam and joins the rare Cape Vultures in their airspace. Words cannot describe the beauty that is about to unfold. This is truly a sensory overload and an unforgettable experience!

We also offer breakfast flights to The Bagdad in White River.


Wildlife Rescue Fund.

Book a scenic flight with us and you automatically donate R500 towards our Wildlife Rescue Fund for critical emergencies.