Get involved

By sponsoring one of our helicopter wildlife operations

Africa’s wildlife is faced with many tragedies. Traumatized orphaned rhino calves needing to be searched for, rescued and relocated to care facilities. Elephants walking around with horrific snares, rhinos with agonizing gunshot wounds and numerous other animals in distress. The most effective way to deliver medical assistance is with the use of a helicopter. We also assist with the collaring, tagging and de-horning of rhinos for protection and conservation purposes.

By sponsoring one of our helicopter wildlife operations,you will get a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to join the crew and fully participate in the operation. Join us on a rhino capture and de-horning operation, or simply fly with us on a counter-poaching patrol flight over big five areas. Contact me for availability and further detail.

Counter-poaching support

Having a powerful re-active rapid response team is of immense value but having a pro-active capability as a deterrent in conjunction with the rapid response team is priceless! Only through funding are we able to conduct pro-active missions with the helicopter for the first time. The sponsored time is typically being utilised for patrol flights over high risk areas during high risk times with rangers and volunteer rangers on board. This would include night patrol flights.


We fully support the de-horning of our rhinos. We feel that the more we can do to increase the risk and lower the reward for poachers, the better the chances of saving our rhinos. The de-horning of the rhinos is a continual process. Due to the vast experience of the teams involved this process is quick and efficient with minimum amount of flying time and stress on the rhinos.